Accelerate AI Education

Spell is a powerful data science and machine learning platform that helps faculty and students focus on research and experimentation.

Spell for Education 

Spell provides Educational Institutions a professional and intuitive data science and machine learning platform to prepare, train, reproduce, and deploy their machine learning experiments absolutely free. 

Educational Institutions can take advantage of the Spell Team plan at no cost, which allows institutions to set up, track, and manage machine learning projects on their cloud clusters. In addition, Spell will provide qualified institutions $100 in free GPU cloud credits to use on the platform, to further accelerate class research and experimentation. 

About Spell

Spell is a data science and machine learning platform that removes the complexity of setting up and managing the infrastructure needed for data science and machine learning experimentation on the cloud and allows students and educators to monitor, track, and reproduce experiments with ease.

Accelerate learning, 

teaching, and research potential with resources designed to help faculty and students focus on machine learning experimentation.

Get Started on Spell with Free Credits

The Spell platform gives faculty and students simple access, and exposure to industry tools such as Jupyter Notebooks and JupyterLabs, the most popular machine learning frameworks (TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras and more), machine learning optimization tools and powerful CPU & GPU cloud compute management. 

Spell is a powerful platform for building and managing machine learning projects. Spell takes care of infrastructure, making machine learning projects easier to start, faster to get results, more organized and safer than managing infrastructure on your own.