Streamlining machine learning experimentation. 

Spell Betaworks Startup Program keeps startups focused on building their product, not managing their machine learning infrastructure.

Spell is a powerful platform for building and managing machine learning projects, giving you more time to focus on developing your startup. Spell takes care of the infrastructure setup, monitoring and management, making machine learning projects easier to start and faster to get results.

Spell Streamlines MLOps

Streamline MLOps tasks required to manage and scale machine learning projects. Save time on setup and management with simple command-line tools and an intuitive web console. Spell takes care of machine management and environment setup giving you more time for experimentation.

Betaworks Startup Benefits

  • Free Access to Spell Teams plan for the first year.
  • Use Spell with your existing Cloud provider credits (AWS/GCP) and save time managing your cloud. 
  • Technical Setup Support.  
  • Dedicated Spell Betaworks Slack Channel Support.
  • Promotion on Spell Community Networks with over 80k Data Science and Developers.


  • Betaworks Camp and Venture Startups
  • Less than 3 years in existence 
  • Seed stage - raised < $1M

If your startup does not fall into the above criteria and you would love to use Spell, please email us at, and we can talk about how we can help.

Built for Developers by Developers

Spell’s Co-Founder and CEO, Serkan Piantino, was the Director of Engineering of Facebook AI Research. Trey Lawrence, Co-Founder and CTO, was the Lead Engineer of a computer vision company. Their experience in the field led them to discover a gap in the industry. Serkan and Trey recognized a need to make AI easily accessible to data scientists and developers, and developed a platform with simple CLI commands, an intuitive web console, and easy API tools.

Prepare, Train and Deploy Machine Learning Projects With Ease

Streamline Machine Learning Development with Spell

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Apply to the program and schedule an in-depth demonstration with Spell to learn how Spell can help streamline and accelerate your machine learning development for your Startup.

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